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Magazine Racks : Introduction



Super Nikko-Rack

Super Nikko-RackHighest efficiency, highest performance and highest quality magazine in the industry.
Quick width adjustment in less than 5 seconds ( Rack & Pinion gear system )

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Quick-Width Adjustment Type

Quick -Width Adjustment TypeQuick-width adjustment, Lightest magazine in the industry. The unique ‘smart rack’ keeps cardguides absolutely parallel while providing excellent rigidity.
Can accommodate PCB width of 20mm-460mm, and heated PCBs after PB free process.

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Low-profile magazine

Low-profile magazineIdeal for stock reduction and save space for your factory.

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Special Rack

Special RackIdeal for Transportation from SMT line to inspection or assembly process. Available for Saving space magazine, Heat-resistant magazine or Tray for electoronic device that are derived from on-site request.

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