NIX Inc.


About Us

NIX products strongly and quietly support our daily lives.
Our fundamental attitude of “Nothing to Something”(creating something from nothing) shows our potential in various fields, unrestricted by category.
NIX’s creativity and speed help us cope with the varied needs of the times, based on the quality assurance system of the world standard, and in harmony with the environment.

Major markets and NIX product groups

We will be quick to respond to the various needs of customers to have cheaper and more reliable products delivered faster, with kind attention and speedy action.
We will engage in sincere sales activity to be trusted by satisfied customers, keeping the customer creed in mind.

Quality control
We will conduct final function checks for manufacturing /shipping of non-defective products, and eliminate the underlying causes of defects through thorough investigation, to establish an inspection system trusted by customers.
We will make efforts to maintain high product-reliability by conducting internal/outsourced quality control guidance and patrols.

We will improve planned production, based on a cooperative system with the engineering division; and establish a smooth mass-production system of products, aiming to reduce the defect ratio, enhance quality, and increase productivity by improved works.
We will aim for distinctive production and the improvement of production technology, which are not found in our competitors.

As the window for sales, we will conduct schedule control of internal/external production; arrangement of material; delivery schedule control; inventory control; cost control; and distribution control.

We will engage in product development design which satisfies customer needs, as well as the new development of high added-value products by our unique development design. We will aim for the realization of products which are highly reliable and unparalleled in cost competitiveness.

Company Profile