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Our Environmental Activities

Acquisition of ISO Standards

Certification Standards ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2015
Registration certificate number C2018-00724 C2018-00725
Examining organization Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. of JAPAN
Acquired locations Head office Head office
Tsukui Factory Tsukui Factory
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Environmental philosophy

NIX, INC. recognizes the importance of the global environment, as well as environmental preservation friendly to the global environment, through development, designing, manufacturing, and sales activities of precision-engineering plastic-related products and jigs, and we will make a great contribution to society as a member of the global society.

Environmental policy

1. While we observe the environment-related laws, regulations, and ordinances, as well as other requirements, mainly from customers, related to business activities which have an impact on the environment, we will establish voluntary standards according to necessity. At the same time, we will strive to prevent contamination, work to address the environmental impact of products, eliminate the use of substances that impose an environmental burden, and endeavor to curb global warming in efforts to preserve the global environment.

2. Taking into consideration of technological as well as economic circumstances, we undertake an assessment of the environmental impact of our manufacturing and business activities. On this basis, we vigorously engage in the following activities and will contribute to the reduction of CO2.

1) Promote measures that improve both quality and productivity
2) Put forward proposals with respect to product performance enhancement, recycling, space reduction, and the standardization of components
3) Pursue improvements in design standardization and efficiency
4) Increase transportation efficiency and promote local procurement

3. In order to promote environment-improving activities, we will implement an environment management system, establish environmental objectives and targets, continuously conduct reviews, and implement improvements.

4. We will ensure that everyone working either at or with NIX is aware of our global environment preservation activities, and proactively conduct educational activities aimed at improving environmental consciousness and awareness of this policy.

5. We will pursue effective activities that not only ensure everyone working either at or with NIX is aware of this policy, but also widely disclose its content to the general public.

Through the participation of all working personnel, each and every one of us will aim for the realization of this environmental philosophy.

Kazuhide Aoki
President & COO