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Header CCH Type(RoHS compliance)

MAXIN JOINT®header CCH type is a header used for pipes for heating. The connection method with the heat source device uses a CCH clip. By combination with MAXIN JOINT®series, work efficiency is improved.

Header CCH type 4P

Header CCH type 2P


1.Realizing lighter weight
 70% lighter than metal products. Improve work efficiency!
2.Foregoing the need for thermal-insulation material
 Enhanced thermal insulation effect by special attributes of plastic
 Simple design
3.Providing freeze-fracturing preventive function→Operating Manual Of Freeze-fracturing Preventive Function
 The header is not broken even though the water inside is frozen.
4.Delivering CCH clip compatibility
 Enable to attach to the heat source device with CCH clip

Header lineup

Header CCH Type(2P)

Header CCH Type(3P)

Header CCH Type(4P)

Header CCH Type(5P)

Header CCH Type(6P)

Operating Manual Of Freeze-fracturing Preventive Function

Added freeze-fracturing preventive function enables being used in cold areas.

(1) Ordinary use condition
The product is delivered with a condition as shown by the photo to the right.

(2) When the function was activated
If the water being frozen inside, the knob moves downward and make the space inside to prevent the header from fracturing.

*Please do not remove C ring.

(3) How to return to the original position
After having confirmed the water inside is not frozen, push the knob up by hand. (You feel light click when completion.)

Note 1) Please ensure that resetting is only completed by the person in charge.
Note 2) Please ensure that resetting is completed without the use of tools (hammer, driver, etc.).
Note 3) Please note that this function is activated when the inner pressure is more than 8kgf.

MAXIN JOINT® Header Cch Type Performance Specifications

Item Specification
Strength of branch pipe Strength when upward/downward load is applied to branch pipe with the condition of the header attached to heat source device. N・cm 1,600 or more
Drop test Drop from a height of 1m to concrete surface No problem with performance
Wheel operating torque Operating torque at valve closure and opening by turning the wheel N・cm 70 or below
Wheel tolerable torque Limit tolerable torque when turning the wheel N・cm 400 or below
Hydraulic pressure tolerance Tolerable hydraulic pressure applied to inside of header KPa 290 or below
Pressure drop Connect header to manometer to measure pressure drop by pressure gap at delivery of water (amount of water delivered: 4L/min) KPa 11 or below
Freezing test Filling water inside the header and connecting pipe, and freezing in tightly-closed condition No problem with performance
Cold-heat repetition test Repeating 27,000 cycles of water delivery at temperatures 10℃(2.5min)⇔80℃(2.5min), to confirm the sealing properties No water leakage
Weather-resistance test Repeating weather-resistance test 3,000 Hrs, to confirm change in the strength Strength reduction, 15 or below
Chemical-resistance test Attaching test specimen on the 1/4 ellipsoidal jig, applying adhesive agent on the surface, to confirm for abnormalities No problem with performance

CCH fitting straightseries * (RoHS Compliance)

CCH straight male series , 7A, 10A and 13A, connect to the part for hot water. The female fitting is used for single heating system. Water stop cock is attached to heating/hot water area to stop water. These fittings are connected by CCH clips. These fittings offer lighter weight.

CCH fitting straight 7A

CCH fitting straight10A

CCH fitting straight13A

CCH fitting straight female

CCH fitting straight water stop cock

CCH fitting elbow 7A

CCH fitting elbow 10A

Application examples of each series

Protection Cap (RoHS Compliance)

Protection cap to guard fitting connection area (O ring area) from dust and dirt

Snap fitting protection cap

Protection cap for P-16

MAXIN JOINT® Performance Specifications

No. Item Specification


Main body material Special PPS plastic
2 Main body material grade NIXAM®1673
3 Used O ring material FKM made DAI-EL G701 (color tone: black or green)
4 Used medium Tap water, antifreeze liquid
5 Used medium temperature 80℃ (joint pipe material: cross-linking polyethylene, polybutene)
6 Used medium pressure 0.49MPa (5kgf/cm2) or below
7 Main body heat-resistant hot-water temperature 120℃
8 Main body flammability UL94-V0 equivalent
9 Surface hardness 114 (Rockwell R scale)
10 Snap area insertion capacity 147N (15kgf) or below
11 Snap area removal capacity 294N (31kgf) or more
12 Cold-heat repetitious properties No water leakage 15,000 cycles (with 80℃ tap water, hydraulic pressure 0.39Mpa; 2.5min)~(20℃; 2.5min) as one cycle
13 Continuous hot-water delivery properties No water leakage (with 80℃ tap water, antifreeze liquid, hydraulic pressure 0.098MPa 17,500Hrs)
14 Adhesive agent tolerance No cracks (500Hrs at 90℃ based on 1/4 Ellictip Curve Method)
15 Freeze tolerance No water leakage (-17℃ after leaving 240Hrs. Leaving at normal temperature, hydraulic pressure 0.49Mpa)

Elbow Fitting Series(RoHS Compliance)

MAXIN JOINT®elbow fitting & different diameter elbow fitting series was developed for the purpose of light weight/low cost.

Elbow fitting series

Model Name A B C φD φE φF φG
6A×6A 10 43.5 43.5 4 6.6 4 6.6
7A×7A 11 45.0 45.0 5 7.6 5 7.6
10A×10A 15 50.0 50.0 7 10.6 7 10.6
6A×7A 11 45.0 44.0 4 6.6 5 7.6
7A×10A 15 50.0 46.0 5 7.6 7 10.6

π-Type Split Flow T-S Shape(RoHS Compliance)

MAXIN JOINT®π-type split flow T-S shape was used for pipe fitting under floor

π-type split flow T-S shape

Model Name φA φB C φD φE F G H
π7-6A×6A 6.6 4 25 5 7.6 53.8 75.2 12.8
π7-7A×7A 7.6 5 25 5 7.6 53.8 76.2 12.8
π10-6A×6A 6.6 4 25 7 10.6 53.8 79.2 12.8
π10-7A×7A 7.6 5 25 7 10.6 53.8 80.2 12.8
π10-10A×10A 10.6 7 25 7 10.6 53.8 84.2 12.8

Y-type Split Flow T-S Shape(RoHS Compliance)

MAXIN JOINT®>Y-type split flow T-S shape was used for straight pipe fitting under floor.

Y-type Split Flow T-S Shape

Model Name φA φB C D E F φG φH
Y6-6A×6A 6.6 4 50 10 67.8 10 4 6.6
Y7-6A×6A 6.6 4 50 11 67.8 11 5 7.6
Y7-7A×7A 7.6 5 50 11 71.0 11 5 7.6
Y10-6A×6A 6.6 4 50 15 69.6 15 7 10.6
Y10-7A×7A 7.6 5 50 15 72.9 15 7 10.6
Y10-10A×10A 10.6 7 50 15 81.5 15 7 10.6

U-type Header(RoHS Compliance)

U-type header is used for attaching of heat source device and hot-water mat. Attaching can be done by one-touch snap fitting.

U-type header

Application examples

U-type header + Female elbow fittings

Snap joint + Female fitting


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